4ft wide freestanding greenhouse

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4ft wide freestanding Plantmaster greenhouse

We take pride in the fact that we understand the needs of determined gardeners. For instance even if you only have limited space, this cleverly designed greenhouse offers maximum growing potential with its extra high 5ft10in eaves and a ridge height of 7ft2in. The 4ft wide Plantmaster comes supplied with one level of treated wooden topped staging as standard. Compact, good head clearance, with sliding door, ensures a comfortable working environment, and if you do have more space available in your garden, the Plantmaster can be extended lengthways up to 12ft. You can even add two more levels of staging to the greenhouse!


Our standard method of retaining glass uses a wide, stainless steel clipping system. The clip is so designed to equalise the pressure between the glazing face and the frame of the greenhouse. When single sheet toughened glass is ordered with this type of building, we can also offer our unique aluminium capping system rather than glass. Types of glazing available are 3mm Horticultural glass, 4mm Toughened safety glass, 6mm twin walled Polycarbonate and SAN safety Glazing.

Noteworthy features

All of our greenhouses can be altered to suit your individual needs in width, length and height. All of our greenhouses can be powder coated. Standard colours are white, green and brown. Other colours are available. Diagonal braces are fitted in the sides of free standing greenhouses.

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4ft wide freestanding Plantmaster greenhouse

ModelLength x widthRoof ventsRidge height
444'3" (1.295m) x 4'0" (1.219m)17'0" (2.134m)
646'4" (1.930m) x 4'0" (1.219m)17'0" (2.134m)
848'4" (2.540m) x 4'0" (1.219m)17'0" (2.134m)
10410'5" (3.175m) x 4'0" (1.219m)17'0" (2.134m)
12412'5" (3.785m) x 4'0 (1.219m)17'0" (2.134m)

This greenhouse is made using our unique heavy weight aluminium glazing system. All of our greenhouses include an integral base giving a low door threshold. Each greenhouse is supplied with a built in gutter. This Plantmaster greenhouse has the highest sides of any of our standard buildings at 5’10”.