Bespoke and purpose-built greenhouses

Bespoke greenhouses is our business. It is what we are best at and we have been making greenhouses for 25 years. They can be freestanding, lean-to, built onto a dwarf wall, partitioned, purely functional or a feature of your garden. The choice is yours.

Talk to us about your requirements and we will explain what is possible when building bespoke greenhouses and what it will cost. It might be helpful to first ask yourself a few questions. How much space you have? Do you want the new bespoke greenhouse where the old one used to be? What’s your budget? Is it an exposed site or a secluded site? Would you like finials and cresting? Would you like a coloured bespoke greenhouse?

Remember, we can be as versatile as your imagination will allow because unlike most retailers, we manufacture our own bespoke greenhouses and therefore have a huge amount of expertise for the benefit of each of our valued customers. Don’t just take our word for it – we have been building bespoke greenhouses for over 20 years and come highly recommended by hundreds of delighted clients.