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Covid-19: A positive update from Dovetail!

We at Dovetail Greenhouses hope that you are continuing to keep safe and well during these unusual and challenging times. Back in March, we made the decision to halt production at our factory in Tamworth in order to protect both our staff and our customers. During the last seven weeks we have been very grateful […]

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Covid-19: An update from Dovetail Greenhouses

We at Dovetail Greenhouses sincerely hope that you are keeping safe and well during these unusual and challenging times. In order to protect both our staff and our valued customers we have halted production at our factory until the lockdown on non-essential industries is lifted. However, we are still open for business and very much […]

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A bespoke Dovetail greenhouse designed for school gardening lessons

When a school in central London was looking for a way to encourage their pupils to get into gardening, they had a rather fundamental problem. Their playground is three storeys up on the roof! The lack of natural soil to plant into could be overcome by installing raised beds of course, but a greenhouse would […]

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Thank you!

As the owner of Dovetail Greenhouses and someone that enjoys his work, this last 15 months have carried a significant number of challenges. I will come to those later. Running a small business is not always easy, however one of the benefits is that you get to know your staff very well. Now I admit that can be both […]

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What is normal?

I remember an occasion years ago when I worked for another greenhouse company receiving a phone call from a lady who told the receptionist that she had bought one of our greenhouses and was having difficulty putting it up. The call was transferred to someone who could help and a detailed and prolonged conversation ensued. […]

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Those Clever Victorians

Selling Victorian-style greenhouses, or any other style for that matter, is all about our customers, what they need, and how best we can help them. If they like what we can do and we can satisfy their requirements, then everyone is happy. We really enjoy working with our customers. Those of us at Dovetail Greenhouses […]

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Victorian Dovetail greenhouses

There is something inherently peaceful about gardens and the plants they contain. People spend a great deal of time nurturing them for their sheer beauty and colour, shape and size and for producing their own fruit and vegetables. Of course, one of the best and most efficient ways to grow the majority of plants is […]

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