Thank you!

As the owner of Dovetail Greenhouses and someone that enjoys his work, this last 15 months have carried a significant number of challenges. I will come to those later. Running a small business is not always easy, however one of the benefits is that you get to know your staff very well. Now I admit that can be both good and bad, but on this occasion I would like to concentrate on the good. I can testify to how well my staff have adapted to the unexpected and how significant their support has been towards me and the business over this most recent period.

Here is a little taster of some aspects of my life which have impacted on me, my family and my staff at Dovetail. If I was to say to you that in April 2017 I contracted a virus that gave me Shingles of the head and throat which lasted about 4-5 months you would rightly say, how unfortunate. I was beginning feel well when in Jan 2018 I broke my right leg in three places whilst surveying a site in Scotland for a new greenhouse. Following an emergency operation I now have 12 pins and a large plate in my right leg that I will be reminded of every time I go through a metal detector. That put me on my back for many weeks.  Then, when I thought little else could go wrong, in February I contracted double pneumonia. So, then I had a broken leg and pneumonia as well. Are you keeping up? As the pneumonia cleared several months later it became obvious that something else was wrong. When I reclined in a chair or tried to rest at night I simply could not breathe. Now, what was wrong? I have been told that the left side of my diaphragm is palsied because the nerve that tells it to move is not doing so. As my doctors at the moment have no idea why, I am left managing this condition as best I can until they can come up with a cunning plan to sort me out.

In the midst of countless hospital visits I have managed the business as best I can in my reduced circumstances and my staff have adapted and kept the business in good order. Thank you, each and every one!

To all of our customers out there, I believe that the care shown to me over these months by my excellent staff will translate into a quality service being provided to you when you order your hand built and unique greenhouse from Dovetail.