A bespoke Dovetail greenhouse designed for school gardening lessons

When a school in central London was looking for a way to encourage their pupils to get into gardening, they had a rather fundamental problem. Their playground is three storeys up on the roof! The lack of natural soil to plant into could be overcome by installing raised beds of course, but a greenhouse would provide the perfect dry, warm, safe environment for both plants and pupils to flourish. However, there are rather obvious safety concerns when buying a greenhouse which has to be safe enough for children to use and also strong enough to resist the effects of the wind in such an exposed location.

Dovetail Greenhouses were brought in and with our wealth of expertise in the construction of strong semi-commercial greenhouses, we were able to meet the design brief and erect a greenhouse which future generations of Londoners will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

The greenhouse had to meet several very specific requirements. Firstly the location. The space available was on a timber decking area underneath a pergola, therefore the building had to be designed from the outset to fit into a very particular space with limited height available. This first problem alone would eliminate any manufacturers who only deal in standard size buildings. Next, the strength and safety aspects. Our profiles contain twice as much aluminium as some of our competitors thus making Dovetail Greenhouses extremely sturdy and well able to cope with the battering of the wind. This was by no means the first greenhouse we have installed on a rooftop location. Most importantly, the building was glazed with 6mm twin walled polycarbonate, which was the perfect choice of material for this particular application. Polycarbonate glazing retains heat more effectively than glass, is extremely resistant to the wind and most importantly of all, is perfectly safe in an environment where children are present in large numbers. Finally, integral staging and shelving was installed, also custom designed and handmade in-house by Dovetail. The staging and shelving was installed at several different heights within the greenhouse, allowing children of all ages to be able to take part in gardening lessons.

This is exactly the sort of project which Dovetail Greenhouses enjoy being involved with. Our design and build process is all completely in-house and we make every component of our greenhouses, which allows us to work very closely with our customers and meet their specific requirements, often managing to successfully deliver a greenhouse where no standard size building would work.