Choosing the right greenhouse

What style of Dovetail greenhouse do you require?

If you have never bought a greenhouse before you may find the process of looking for the right product bewildering. Where do you begin?

Dovetail offer a huge range of quality greenhouses at affordable prices. At Dovetail we manufacture greenhouses for the individual, not for the big retailers. It is true to say that the lower priced greenhouses are often the poorest quality greenhouses which you will find in many of the large superstores and on some websites. We choose to be different.

Ask yourself some simple questions:

If you can answer these honestly, between us we should be able to simplify the process.

  • What size of greenhouse do you require?
  • Do you want a free-standing or a lean-to greenhouse?
  • How much money have you budgeted for your greenhouse?
  • Is the site you are going to place the building exposed or secluded?
  • Will the greenhouse be a feature in the garden or will it be simply functional?
  • Do you need to consider safety glazing because of small children, dogs etc?
  • Would you like the greenhouse to be coloured?
  • What about finials, autovents, capping, extra doors or partitions?

What we offer

Dovetail make British-built, heavy weight, maintenance free, aluminium framed greenhouses of different styles and sizes whether freestanding, lean-to, bespoke, victorian or semi-commercial. Dovetail Greenhouses have years of manufacturing experience yet will both listen to and advise their customers. We can in most circumstances offer a full installation service.

And the glazing options: