Frequently asked questions

How big can my greenhouse be?

Any width of greenhouse can be achieved using either a single span up to 14ft (4.4m) or our multi ridge option. Using a progressive link system, virtually any length of greenhouse can be built. Reinforced underpinning in conjunction with bracing and our heavy weight glazing system create super strong structures. The standard 5ft 6in eave (the height of the gutter) can be increased to over 6ft 6in (2m) to accommodate side opening doors giving greater flexibility to our customers.

What standard colours are available?

Have a look at the heading `Colouring your greenhouse’ which you will find in the green section at the bottom of each web page and you will see that we now can offer 9 standard colours. If you want a colour that is not shown on the list, other colours are possible. We can supply most RAL colours at an additional cost over and above the normal price of colouring a greenhouse. Please call us on 0121 311 2900 for more information.

I would prefer not to use glazing clips. Is there any other way of fitting the glazing?

To use something other than glazing clips, you would need to purchase your greenhouse with 4mm single sheet toughened glass, then you will be able to use our capping system. The price of capping is in addition to the cost of the greenhouse.

Do you make cold frames to fit alongside Dovetail greenhouses?

Yes, our cold frames both increase your growing area and enhance your greenhouse. Take a look at some of the photographs on the Bespoke greenhouse pages. Ask us for details by email or give us a call on 0121 311 2900.

Can I purchase staging after I have fitted my greenhouse?

Yes but it would be far better and cheaper for you to order it at the same time as your greenhouse. It is easier to fit when the greenhouse is being assembled to save you time and energy later and also you would have to pay an additional charge for carriage if purchased separate from your greenhouse.

I am disabled. Can you provide wheelchair access?

Yes, we can. Please telephone us with your requirements and we will be happy to help! Call us on 0121 311 2900.

I need help fitting the glass in my greenhouse. Can you help?

See our glazing options page and our glazing clips page. The illustrations show you how to fit overlapping glass. They show both how to use the overlap clips and the Headen glazing clip. When fitting single sheet glazing such as 4mm toughened glass or 6mm polycarbonate, only the Headen glazing clip is used and the overlap clip is not required.

Are there specific dimensions for preparing the concrete base?

We can give you base dimensions for all standard greenhouses. Email us or call us on 0121 311 2900.

I have changed my mind and need help erecting my greenhouse. What would be the additional cost for installation?

Please let us know the size of your greenhouse and where you are situated in the UK. We should then be able to give you a price . Call us during office hours on 0121 311 2900 if you would like to talk about this further.

I would like a quotation to replace my old wooden greenhouse, that is falling down. How do I go about this?

Initially the best thing to do is to send us the basic dimensions of the greenhouse you have. If you can send us a couple of photos at the same time, that would be great. We also need a bit more information regarding the specification of the actual greenhouse. You may want to send these details by email or you may prefer to call us on 0121 311 2900.

Do you build the dwarf wall for us?

We manufacture and fit greenhouse all across mainland Britain. We do not however carry out any of the ground works. We are happy to liaise with your builder and on your behalf will supply suitable drawings for your contractor to work with. We have made this decision as a company because if we carry out this sort of work using our own staff at a distance from our factory the costs to our customers becomes excessive.