Glazing options

Glazing options

Standard 3mm horticultural glass

Historically this is the preferred glazing material. It is the cheapest to fit and replace if breakage occurs. When it does break it splinters and the shards of glass can be very dangerous.

4mm Single sheet toughened safety glass

We only supply 4mm thick, class `A’, kite marked, best of British float glass that will meet with the BS6206 standard. If you are comparing greenhouses it is important to check whether the glass conforms to the preceding requirements. Greenhouses from other manufacturers may not do this!

SAN safety glazing

A completely safe and clear alternative to glass. It is rigid. It is clear like glass and it is UV stable. The cost of this material is more than horticultural glass but considerably less than both toughened glass and polycarbonate which are the only real safe alternatives. This product is best used on our smaller greenhouses. Please call us for advice.

6mm twin walled Polycarbonate

If this product is required for reasons of safety or thermal efficiency, please do not hesitate to ask. It can be made available on most products.

Help with greenhouse glazing and glazing clips

Be careful, all glass is dangerous and horticultural glass in particular. It is advisable to use gloves when handling glass. It is best to glaze the greenhouse on a day when the wind is low, and don’t leave the greenhouse partially glazed overnight as any wind could cause serious damage. The following illustrations demonstrate how to use our glazing clips:



For single pane use lower recess



Overlap clip