Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories

Dovetail have been in the business of manufacturing quality standard size greenhouses as well as the more complex tailor-made designs for the last 20 years in the UK. Dovetail take pride in making heavy weight, maintenance free, aluminium framed greenhouses for each individual customer.

In addition to manufacturing functional yet attractive greenhouses, Dovetail also stock a wide range of greenhouse accessories suited to existing customers as well as those who purchased their greenhouse elsewhere. Our range of greenhouse accessories includes both construction accessories and gardening accessories.

Construction Accessories

Dovetail’s range of construction based greenhouse accessories features a number of items designed to improve, maintain or repair an existing greenhouse.

We can supply louvre windows fitted with either SAN rigid safety glazing or with toughened safety glass. SAN is a rigid and hard wearing alternative to glass. Either option of louvre will encourage air circulation within your greenhouse.

Dovetail also offer a range of greenhouse accessories that include a number of different glazing seals plus automatic window openers, gutter fittings, plastic nut caps etc. Our standard greenhouses are all supplied with nuts, bolts and clips suitable for the greenhouse you have ordered. However, there are times when you may require extra nuts, bolts and clips too and if this is what you need then Dovetail can help!

Gardening Accessories

As well as offering construction materials and components, Dovetail stock a range of greenhouse accessories more directly related to gardening, which include autovents, foam seal and gutter fittings etc. You will see that we have available such items as crop support hooks, various shelving and staging options. Each of these items are useful when the plants are first being grown as seedlings and subsequently as they need to be supported when they grow taller.

Dovetail also supply a range of greenhouse heaters from leading manufacturers.

So, for all your greenhouse accessories, be sure to contact Dovetail today.