Heater and Fan – Electric Powered 2.7kW


Powerful 2.8kW electric heater suitable for large greenhouses.



It has winter and summer settings which can help your greenhouse stay warm or cool depending on the season. You can switch the heat settings to full or half to ensure maximum fuel economy. The fan can be used purely for air circulation in the summer months, and can be fitted with feet or hanging loops which can give you the optimum position. This heater is fitted with a high out put fan (250cfm, 450m³/hr) which moves the air quickly and effectively. There is a temperature sensor attached which will give an accurate measurement for the heater to cut in and out to ensure a thermostatically controlled environment. The heater is constructed of stainless steel with sealed elements and will withstand humid conditions. The heater weighs 6.1 kg and has a diameter of 270mm and a length of 500mm. 2-Year guarantee. Price includes VAT.


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