Lean-To Greenhouses

One of the most popular and traditional greenhouse designs, a lean-to is the perfect way to maximise growing space along the edge or into the corner of a garden. The heat-retaining properties of the rear brick wall make it much easier to maintain a constant temperature in a lean-to than in a freestanding greenhouse.

Lean-To Greenhouses Options

Using a single pitch roof, we design our lean-to greenhouses with one of two roof pitches. Our shallow pitch allows us to maximise eave height and head room, while designing narrower greenhouses to fit into tight spaces. Our steep pitch allows us to project further out from the wall with greater strength for wider greenhouses, and gives the structure a more traditional appearance.

As with all of our greenhouses, our lean-tos can be designed to fit a new or existing dwarf wall, or to be glazed to ground level. If the height of the rear wall is insufficient for a single pitch lean-to then we have the perfect solution within our bespoke range.

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Lean-To Greenhouses Dovetail Greenhouses

Lean-To Greenhouse Gallery

Lean-To Greenhouses Dovetail Greenhouses

Lean-To Greenhouse Colours

Our greenhouses can be supplied in plain aluminium or powder coated in a wide range of colours. We have a range of colours which our customers request on a regular basis but can also advise when it comes to matching a specific colour on your property.

Glazing Options

The vast majority of our greenhouses are glazed with 4mm single sheet toughened safety glass. The versatility of our glazing system however means that we are also able to glaze our buildings with 3mm overlapping horticultural glass or even 6mm twin wall polycarbonate.

Lean-To Greenhouses Dovetail Greenhouses
Lean-To Greenhouses Dovetail Greenhouses

The Dovetail Capped Glazing system

Our unique aluminium capping system gives us a very pleasing alternative to traditional glazing clips. Our capping strip covers the full length of each pane of glass, with a rubber gasket providing the watertight seal thereby eliminating the use of glazing foam tape and visible individual clips. The result is a clean, straight edge which unlike other manufacturers is entirely plastic-free and offers much less purchase for moss and other debris to build up over time, giving you a maintenance free finish.

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What our customers say about us

We are privileged to have had many, many happy customers over the years. Here’s what a number of them have said about our greenhouses.

Thanks again for all of the care and attention you gave to the design, manufacture and installation of the beautiful greenhouse which now sits in our garden. We are delighted with it and are looking forward to enjoying using it for many years to come.

First-class attention to detail
I have never really thanked you and all your team for the splendid new greenhouse at Kiplin. We were convinced that a new one was needed and your quotation was extremely competitive. Your attention to detail was first class and the liaison you had with both ourselves and builders meant that the whole project went extremely smoothly. Thank you for all the time you put in coming up to see us on several occasions, and of course for all the lads who did a really first class job when they came on site.

It exceeds my expectations
I really must say a large thank you for what you have done. It exceeds my expectations and you have given me a building of the highest quality that will last for years and allow me to continue to grow, expand and manage my collection of cacti and succulents.