Our Factory, Production & Quality Control

Our factory, production & quality control

Dovetail Greenhouses was formed in 1993 when Roger Beasley and an ex-colleague decided to put their already considerable experience in the greenhouse industry into the creation of a new company.

We had been involved in the supply of greenhouses to the big retailers in the UK and in other parts of the world and had come to realise that the needs of the individual customer were often forfeited in the vain hope of achieving volume sales.

It seemed to us that the big retailers were demanding that we made greenhouses to the lowest common denominator, and this was invariably based on price.

We believe that our customers have individual needs and that our role as greenhouse manufacturers is to listen and adapt our products to suit these requirements. We have continually developed products that we know suit the gardener and the individual far more than ever before. Who knows, in the long term, some of the big retailers may start to realise that our approach is the right one in this ever demanding age in which we live.

The present Dovetail Greenhouse range now has more than twice the content of aluminium within it than many of the greenhouses that are sold via the large retailers here in the UK. This is because here at Dovetail our intention is to make our greenhouses better and stronger than our competitors, tailored to suit the needs of you our individual customers. We have as a company chosen to make each greenhouse to order rather than mass producing buildings.

The Dovetail Factory and Production

Strategically sited in Tamworth in the Midlands our factory is ideally positioned for good motorway access to the whole of the UK enabling us to supply greenhouses from Lands End to John O’Groats. We at Dovetail manufacture a huge range of Quality Greenhouses for the UK market place. Having our manufacturing base here has enabled us to continue to give good service to our customers as well as to maintain our ability to manufacture to the high standards that we demand of ourselves.

Quality Control

We have in place a quality checking procedure that is applied by the individual workers and is overseen and monitored by the final packer/finisher of the greenhouses. Making each greenhouse to order has built into our workforce a pride in what they make and an understanding that each customer and therefore each greenhouse is special. Every greenhouse we make is treated with the same care and attention whether small, lean-to, very large or a Bespoke greenhouse,. If we make a mistake and something is missed or broken, then it is replaced without question. Although our greenhouses are robust, remember that greenhouses cannot be guaranteed watertight in all weather conditions. For plants to grow, there must be air movement!

The Dovetail Guarantee

Dovetail Building Developments Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on the framework of the greenhouses that they manufacture. If the greenhouse has been purchased for self assembly, the erection of the greenhouse¬†must be carried out in line with Dovetail’s instructions. Any failure to do this will invalidate the guarantee.

Providing the building has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and there is no failure through inadequate site preparation or subsidence, Dovetail warrants that if the aluminium framework fails within 10 years of purchase, Dovetail will replace the necessary parts promptly and free of charge

As the greenhouse is erected using aluminium nuts and bolts it is important that they are regularly checked and tightened. We would recommend that they are checked every 6months.

There is a 12 month’s warranty on both doors and vents. Any failures of these parts within this period that can be attributed to poor manufacture will be covered by this warranty.

The benefit of the warranty shall not pass to any subsequent purchaser of the property at which the building was delivered and erected or to any subsequent purchaser of the greenhouse if moved from the original site of display.