Our Production Methods

Our Production Methods

Dovetail greenhouses production methods: aluminium weldingAt Dovetail we cut, punch and part-assemble all of the aluminium profiles required to make your greenhouse.

All of the fittings, nuts, bolts and clips are bagged and packaged so that each customer receives all that is required to assemble the greenhouse when erecting it themselves. Fixing down bolts are not supplied unless requested. We can in most parts of the UK provide an installation service.

On some occasions the glazing material, the glass or SAN plastic sheet is delivered directly from us at the factory and on other occasions when it is more beneficial for our customer, the glazing is controlled by Dovetail but delivered by a local supplier.

If the greenhouses are to be finished in a colour then each completed kit will be sent in its entirety to the metal finishing plant. Each length of metal profile is cleaned and chemically etched, powdered paint is then applied before being finally baked in an oven to obtain the optimum finish. The whole kit is then returned to our factory where it is again checked, then after being packed in a protective material, is boxed ready to be shipped to our customer. It really is worth the extra cost for the benefits a coloured greenhouse will bring!

We continue to manufacture with pride our full range of standard size greenhouses. Our smallest standard free standing and lean-to greenhouse is just 2ft x 4ft and there is no upper limit to the largest greenhouse that we can make. Most of what we manufacture these days are tailor made designs of bespoke greenhouses to your exact dimensions and space that you have available. You may choose to fit a greenhouse onto a new or existing dwarf wall in replacement of an old and worn out building, Take a look at our Photo Gallery on the bespoke pages to see the huge range of greenhouses to help you decide what style you might want.

We enjoy making greenhouses to suit our customers.

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